Jul 05, 2013

Why You Should Never Freelance on Freelancing Sites!

Back in the days, I used to be the crazy money minded programmer writing kLOCs of crap with no code quality concern, for projects I often found on freelancing sites. Freelancer.com, oDesk and likes which seem to be quite popular among employers looking for cheap third world country coders but honestly, if you think about being a better programmer, never log in to them. Why?

There is no point in making software unless you want to make it better.

The Pragmatic Programmer

Freelancing on these sites will just make you a terrible programmer with no exposure to good software development practices. Programming is a craft, which needs improvement for lifetime to excel it.

My advice will be to start your personal website/blog, start contributing to open source project and have some pet projects of your own. Join and contribute to sites like StackOverflow, Hacker news, Slashdot. Doing this will not only make you a better programmer but also you will get many exciting offers coming to your inbox. Good luck!

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