Mar 19, 2023

I Hate Typeforms

I hate Typeforms and I hate the fact that they have become so popular.


In contrast to a Typeform, a traditional form allows me to know long it is, and what the next question is. I can quickly scroll down to see the things I need to fill in. It allows me to correct my previous answers and look at all my inputs in a single view. It doesn’t waste my time with unnecessary animations or scroll-jacks my mouse.

I don’t understand why Typeform felt the need to reinvent the simplicity and make it much worse in the process. Is there any justification for wasting most of the screen which just one tiny question at the center? Sadly, the UX problems never posed a problem to Typeform’s growth. They became the norm in places where a simple form would have been a better fit. As a user though, I hate them.

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