Hey! I am a programmer from India with a penchant for ‘doing things’. I know, that sounds vague, but I take delight in taking on an unfamiliar field and see how far I can get. In my life, I would want to do it as often as I can. I am terrible at drawing but I like the idea of making a thousand bad sketches to see how good the 1001st is. Life might be too short to be a master in multiple domains but I am happy being slightly competent in them. Often, the power of mixing ideas from different fields is grossly underrated.

Besides that, majority of my work deals with creating software where, again, I am mostly doing frontend programming. I limit my identity to the user-facing result as I find technological details overrated. I enjoy solving problems that have a visible impact and digging into details.

I wanted to pick a specific niche for this blog but decided against it. I was apathetic about blogging with some elusive end-goal in my mind. As a result, it’s a mix of opinions, explainers, and analysis.

Always love hearing from people.