Side Projects, FTW!

I love working on side-projects—sometimes to scratch an itch, sometimes to explore a wild idea. I believe it’s the best way to learn anything. You get full control over the creative side of programming. Here’s is a partial list of side projects I have built over the last few years:

One page website that tracks the accuracy of alarmist headlines. There are good reasons to be aware of the dangers we have to face in the future, but alarmist claims, like “world would run out of food” don’t help anyone.

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SVGBox is a free API to let devs use thousands of icons for free without the hassle of handling SVG Files. It has been featured on CSS Tricks and Smashing Magazine.

As of June 2022, it’s serving hundreds of websites and handling over 3M requests / month.

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EightColors is a sliding puzzle game where you need to make the grid reach a certain state. It starts off easy but gets progressively difficult.

EightColors went on top of Hacker News and was universally liked as being simple yet challenging.

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