What is the Highest Salary a Programmer Can Make? Mar 2017

There are a few ways programmers can score big money — high-value consulting, entrepreneurship, early-stage stock options coming to fruition in a liquidity event but the simplest of them all is a Big Fat Paycheck. In general, programming is a well-compensated skill, but when it comes to certain industries, or certain skills, or a combination of both, compensation gets an order of magnitude more than the decent salaries.

These outliers in compensation are more apparent in the United States where the fight to find and retain talent has protractedly been intense, especially, when it comes to technology giants and aggressive finance sector companies.

In most cases, engineers who get paid prodigiously happen to be more than an engineer. Their role entails leading other engineers and working alongside higher management but despite that, complex engineering is the essence of the work. That could be heading a team to build a massive cloud infrastructure, for instance.

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Why Does Subway Have Terrible Customer Onboarding Nov 2016

I enjoy having a Subway; it’s delicious, light, and convinces me, although a bit superficially, that I had something healthy. But, my first experience there wasn’t a pleasing one.

I entered to order assuming that I only have to pick one of the option on the walled pictorial menu. I asked my “sandwich artist” for a “Veggie Delight Sub”. Soon enough I learned how having a Subway wasn’t exactly like picking a choice and grabbing your wallet. I tried anxiously not to appear foolish by picking random options in case of veggies and sauces, and turning down requests for cheese and condiments. For obvious reasons, the sandwich didn’t taste all that well and I didn’t consider going back again. Few months later, my friend suggested his selection, telling me how I need to avoid certain sauces. I subserviently followed his suggestions to eventually understand how you order in the chain.

The barrage of choices that I dreaded on my visit apparently turned out to be Subway’s appeal — selecting ingredients to land one of the two million possibilities. Subway doesn’t have any standard ready-to-serve offerings; every sandwich is prepared from six obligatory choices — bread, flavour, extras, veggies, sauce, and salt / pepper. It’s ostensible why my first visit wasn’t joyful — there were too many choices to be made, some of which, like sauces, being disproportionally hard.

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