How to Create a Favicon for Dark Mode?

Dark mode is getting wildly popular these days ever since Apple shipped it with Mojave. However, the usefulness of dark mode can be negated by websites that are predominantly white. That’s why Webkit introduced a media query attribute, prefers-color-scheme, to enable developers to apply styles specific to dark mode. As of April 2019, the support for it is still poor, but it’s on the roadmap for both Firefox and Chrome. The support percentage is bound to climb up once both these browsers start supporting it.

How to Create a Flat Select Element that is consistent in all browsers?

Form elements looking different across browsers is a well-known problem, but the <select> element is especially problematic in this regard. If I try to change the default styling of <select> by increasing its height (which, by default, is too small), the dropdown menu starts to look drastically different in all major browsers. Not to mention that it’s plain ugly in Firefox and Safari.