How To Create a Responsive Menu with UIKit?

UIKit has become my de-facto standard for any new project. It’s simple, the default look is refreshing, and there are tons of useful components and utility classes. In most cases, it gets the job done without getting in the way. However, coming from the bootstrap world, one thing I dearly missed was the collapsible navbar.

Why does subresource integrity (SRI) need the crossorigin attribute?

Subresource Integrity (SRI) is a new security feature that safeguards websites against tampering of a script/stylesheet at the source. Say, you want to include a script from a public CDN, but you also protect yourself against potential manipulation of the code after you have included it, SRI is the way to go. The feature gives the developer the ability to add a hash-sum with the script tag. Before the browser loads the resource, it will match the hash-sum of the content with what is specified in the tag. If they are equivalent browser proceeds with execution, otherwise it’s blocked.