Here is a list of few things that I have worked on (some side projects, some full time endeavours).

  • Blipmetrics : I created a software for content marketers to help them understand their impact in a comprehensive way and to optimise their efforts. The intial version included reports about blog posts and what content is driving the bottom line. I did have few users who wanted something like that but did not do well enough on the business front. It failed to catch momentum and right now it’s on shelf-mode. For this, I did everything from designing the app to building the backend. Here is one of the screenshot of the application.

  • UTM-Builder : I was frustrated with how I have to Google everytime to understand the proper use of each UTM Param. So we (me and @kushsolitary) decided to build a small quiz that generated UTM Params based on those answers. It took a small time to build but topped Product Hunt coming with many “thank you” notes.

  • Whistlerr: One of my early projects that used the WebAudio API to detect whistling sound. I used a research paper on the subject but had to dig a lot to understand FFT, mechanics of DSP and mathematics to understand the authors’ research. The results were impressive as code’s output matched the figures mentioned in the paper.

  • Penguin Walk: Simple little game with admittedly terrible art and peculiar gameplay. But hey, it was one of my ways to innovate with constraints I had — couldn’t build my own art and had to do with what free sprites websites gave away.